Motorsports: DTM Test HockenheimTyre maker Hankook is launching a new generation of tyres for the upcoming DTM 2017 season. Preferred by the drivers, the new DTM slicks of the Ventus Race generate more grip in their optimum condition than the previous version. And, as requested by the vehicle manufacturers and organisers, they wear more quickly and heavily depending on use, which will significantly influence lap times. This should increase race excitement.

Germany, Neu-Isenburg, 09.03.2017
For the new season in what is probably the world’s most successful touring car series, premium tyre maker Hankook will be introducing a completely new generation of slicks to the racetrack. The new Ventus Race, which is now the fourth DTM version, will generate more grip than its predecessor despite unchanged dimensions (FA: 300/680 R 18, RA: 320/710 R 18). When pushed hard, they will also wear somewhat more quickly and heavily than last year’s model, which will have a significant influence on lap times, depending on driving style.

Hankook, the exclusive DTM tyre partner is thus fulfilling a request by the three vehicle manufacturers Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz as well as the DTM organiser ITR e.V., who expect the new tyres to lead to even more exciting races and significantly more overtaking manoeuvres. Final tests have already shown that lap times can increase by several seconds as tread wear progresses and depending on how aggressive the driving style is, which promises very exciting racing, and demands more tactical skills from the drivers in future. The changes only affect dry tyres; the DTM rain tyre variant, the Ventus Race Rain, will remain unchanged for the 2017 season.

“There is no doubt that the DTM is one of the most technically demanding racing series in the world, so our development engineers have had some hard nuts to crack with the DTM racing tyres,” Manfred Sandbichler, Hankook’s Motorsport Director, explains. “As in the past, we have done a good job fulfilling the 2017 specification, as feedback from the latest tests confirms. This means another exciting season awaits in terms of tyres.”

Thomas Baltes, the racing engineer responsible for the DTM at Hankook, explains: “The new DTM slicks are a completely new development, although the sizes remain the same. With the fourth generation of Ventus Race tyres, the focus will be back on the “tyre whisperers” among the DTM drivers. Those drivers and their engineers who manage to run the tyres in particularly well, in order to get them to their optimum temperature window as quickly as possible but without too much aggression, will have a significant advantage in 2017. The treatment of the tyres during qualifying will also have more influence on the performance during the subsequent race than has previously been the case.”

Another alteration for 2017 prohibits the slicks being pre-heated; drivers must drive intelligently, particularly at the start and during the first laps after a pit stop, to get the tyres up to working temperature as quickly as possible.

Mattias Ekström (Audi): “Following the tests and hundreds of kilometres driven with the new tyres, I am very confident as far as the performance for the new season is concerned. As a driver I noticed the changes immediately: the structure seems somewhat harder and the rubber is significantly softer. This leads to very exciting road performance and significantly faster lap times when you get the tyre working for you properly. I can feel a significant drop with the new tyres in comparison to our previous ones. This gives us drivers the possibility of making a greater difference depending on how we handle the tyres. On hot days in particular it will be fascinating to see what performance the individual drivers can produce and maintain over the distance.”

Augusto Farfus (BMW): “The new tyre offers more grip than its predecessor, however the so-called ‘drop’ is higher too which will guarantee more interesting races. As the driver, I have a certain influence on this drop which is exciting. Driving with tyres that have not been preheated will present a special challenge, particularly on cold track surfaces, because it is much more difficult to get the tyres up to temperature. All in all, these are positive changes that will make the races even more fascinating.”

Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz): “The tyres feel good and will ensure plenty of exciting racing. The changes mean a bit less downforce, but the tyres will have slightly more grip. That should make it possible to get closer to the guy in front, so racing should be that bit more exciting and also lead to more overtaking manoeuvres.”

Robert Wickens (Mercedes-Benz): “We’ve driven a lot of kilometres, and it all went well. The most important thing for me is to understand the new tyres. It’s still very early in the development phase, but the initial indications are good. They are performing well and should make for some thrilling racing.”

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Tires Help Volkswagen Set Fuel Economy Record

AKRON, Ohio, July 8, 2015 – The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company teamed up with Volkswagen of America, Inc. to help the car company set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® achievement for the “lowest fuel consumption—48 U.S. contiguous States for a non-hybrid car” with an impressive 81.17 mpg. Goodyear and Volkswagen bested the previous record of 77.99 mpg by more than 3 mpg, and also beat the hybrid vehicle record of 74.34 mpg by more than 6 mpg. The record-setting Volkswagen Golf TDI® was equipped with Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires, a tire designed with an innovative fuel-saving tread compound that can save drivers up to 2,600* miles of gas over the life of the tires.

“Working with an industry leader like Volkswagen to set this record was a great opportunity for us to showcase the superior performance of our low rolling resistance Assurance Fuel Max tires,” said Paul Raymondo, Goodyear brand manager. “Many consumers want their tires to offer confident handling in changing weather conditions, but also want to save money at the pump. This record drive has proven that our Fuel Max tires excel at both.”

Automotive journalist and founder of, Wayne Gerdes, and co-driver, Bob Winger hit the road from Herndon, Va., Volkswagen of America’s headquarters, on Monday, June 22 to visit all 48 contiguous states and returned on Tuesday, July 7, having covered 8,233.5 miles on just 101.43 gallons of fuel.

During their cross-country drive, the duo encountered a wide range of terrain and changing weather conditions—including extreme heat and heavy rains.

“In my experience, the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max has some of the best wet weather traction of any fuel efficient tire,” said Gerdes. “It’s why I’ve chosen them for all my personal vehicles.”

The Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max is available in more than 60 sizes, fitting many of today’s most popular sedans, coupes, minivans and crossover vehicles. Goodyear’s fuel-saving tread compound helps reduce energy-loss over the tire’s lifetime and offers year-round confidence in wet, dry and wintry weather conditions.

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies. It employs approximately 67,000 people and manufactures its products in 50 facilities in 22 countries around the world. Its two Innovation Centers in Akron, Ohio and Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg strive to develop state-of-the-art products and services that set the technology and performance standard for the industry. For more information about Goodyear and its products, go to

*Up to 2,600 miles based on a 4% fuel economy improvement on 65,000-Mile Tread Life Limited Warranty*, as compared to the standard Goodyear Assurance P195/65R15 size tire tested on 2008 Honda Civic. Actual results may vary depending on when tires are replaced, driving and road conditions, and proper tire maintenance.






Retracing the relationship between art and Pirelli through 450 images – produced between the 19th and 20th centuries – by over 200 internationally famous artists to advertise Pirelli tyres, celebrate the group’s industrial anniversaries and illustrate the magazine “Pirelli”, whose pages, from 1948 to 1972, hosted articles, illustrations and images from the stars of literature, journalism, photography and Italian art. This is the meaning of the volume “A MUSE IN THE WHEELS. Pirelli: a century of art at the service of its products”, edited by Corraini Edizioni thanks to a project developed by the Fondazione Pirelli a curated by Giovanna Ginex.

The volume was presented during an event organized in collaboration with the Triennale di Milano and the Triennale Design Museum and with the patronage of the AIAP (Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione Visiva) and with the participation of Marco Tronchetti Provera, Chairman and CEO of Pirelli and of the Fondazione Pirelli, and Antonio Calabrò, executive board member of the Fondazione Pirelli, together with the architect Alessandro Mendini and the designers Leonardo Sonnoli and Andrea Braccalone. The reproduction of a selection of images and photographs among the most significant in the book will remain on show to the public at Milan’s Triennale museum until Sunday, June 28th.

“A MUSE IN THE WHEELS. Pirelli: a century of art at the service of its products” – available in Italian and English – revisits over 448 pages the dialogue with art which, for over a century, characterizes the history of Pirelli. It was an intense and fertile dialogue begun by Pirelli shortly after its foundation when, in 1872, it tasked the painters and designers of the day with the illustration of its industrial spaces. In a short space of time, illustrative skill is combined with innovative advertising campaigns for the company of the long P, a distinctive feature of Pirelli’s advertising beginning from 1907. The most important names in graphics and painting – Marcello Dudovich, Leonetto Cappiello, Marcello Nizzoli, Pavel Michael Engelmann, and then, from the 1950s forward, Bruno Munari, Alessandro Mendini, Armando Testa, Bob Noorda, Alan Fletcher, Riccardo Manzi and many others – characterized Pirelli’s advertising throughout the 20th century.

It was precisely the telling of the product’s story, with the most up-to-date advertising techniques and care for the image linked to deeply innovative style choices, contributed to strengthening Pirelli’s identity as an original protagonist of corporate communication and subtle interpreter of the evolution of the language of art. It is a key cultural role, in Italy and the world, that Pirelli has never abandoned, the products are no longer “told” only in terms of their functionality but also through values, images and stories able to evoke worlds, aspirations and dreams, able therefore to give “a rubber soul” to an object that appears to be “only” round and black. Tradition and innovation, artistic creativity and science are the pillars of Pirelli’s history of communication. It is a great cultural inheritance, brought forward recently by the company magazine ‘World’, which over the last two years has included contributions from celebrated names such as Jacques Le Goff, Eugeny Morozov, Zygmunt Bauman, as well as the more recent edition of the Pirelli annual report, which since 2010 has hosted writers of international note such as Hanif Kureishi, H.M. Enzensberger, Guillermo Martinez, William Least Heat-Moon and Javier Cercas, and illustrators of the calibre of Stefan Glerum and Liza Donnelly, up to Dome, Alexey Luka and Marina Zumi, the three street artists who animated the 2014 annual report with their work.

International graphic talents will produce new Pirelli stories and images

As a part of Pirelli’s ongoing cultural story, a new project is being launched, conducted in collaboration with Corraini and presented during the event at the Triennale. Based on the indications of the most prestigious professionals and teachers of the most important national and international graphics and design schools, Pirelli and Corraini will involve a select team of young talents with diverse backgrounds and skills will produce new representations and stories for Pirelli and its products.

Steven Heller of the School of Visual Arts of New York, Klass Verplancke of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp,Andrea Braccaloni of the Politecnico di Milano, Georg Barber of the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule in Halle will indicate the top young talents in the diverse areas of graphics, comic books and graphic novels, street art and digital technologies. The goal is to form a working team, which will also be extended to Asia, with the most promising young talents in these sectors.

The diverse contemporary artistic visions and languages which will be selected with further enrich Pirelli’s archives, housed thanks to the important activity carried out by its Fondazione.

“Pirelli’s dialogue with art and design is always current. This book is a testament to this, as are other recent activities regarding literary contributions, music and theatre, Pirelli Film, the involvement of young artists and famous names to illustrate our annual report, the exhibitions at HangarBicocca and the calendar, an icon Pirelli images and communication. It is a dialogue which has never ended and which today continues also through the new initiative which we are launching together with the great international graphics schools”, said Marco Tronchetti Provera, Chairman and CEO of Pirelli and Chairman of the Fondazione Pirelli.

The Fondazione Pirelli: an archive at the service of the public, today also in digital form

The Fondazione Pirelli houses Pirelli’s artistic and cultural archives, constituted by the files of Alberto and Leopoldo Pirelli, of about 16,000 volumes which compose its technical-scientific library, and documentation, contained in the company’s Historical Archives, of over 140 years’ company history, made of thousands of plans, designs, sketches, posters, advertising and texts which are the fruit of collaboration with writers, designers and artists of world fame. Today, thanks to the importantdigitization and cataloguing project of the material of the Fondazione Pirelli which it launched when it was born, this collection is even more usable for the general public, cultural institutions, universities, technical schools and schools of every grade and level.

To give an idea of the scale of the project, it regards over 3 km of documentation of the group’s history and activities, an extraordinary patrimony of documents which have been declared national cultural heritage by the Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo and visited by hundreds of people each year at the historic “building 134” at the Bicocca.

For the purposes of labelling and inventory of the company archive, the Fondazione Pirelli in 2014 adopted the open source cataloguing platform xDams, devised and produced for the integrated treatment, management and use of the multi-media historical archives. The project called for the creation of a digital library, with simultaneous creation of a website for access to and consultation of historic documents: photographs, sketches and drawings, company deeds but also documents that are testimony to Pirelli’s research and development activity, films; each document is accompanied by information on the content, authors, dates of production and are searchable by name, date and key words. The inventories of Pirelli’s historical archives are available online in Italian and English at





For the third race in succession, the P Zero Yellow soft and P Zero Red supersoft tyres have been nominated. The demands on the tyres are relatively low, with two straights and reasonably slow corners. The Austrian Grand Prix reappeared on the Formula One calendar for the first time in 11 seasons last year, meaning that the teams will now be able to use the data from 2014 when it comes to formulating the optimal strategy. After the Austrian Grand Prix, the final two-day in-season test of the year will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Paul Hembery, Pirelli motorsport director: “Austria ends the run of soft and supersoft nominations that we see towards the middle of the season, on quite a diverse variety of tracks. The tyre strategy will depend on some extent to the weather: if it is warm we are more likely to see two stops, whereas if it’s cool the balance might shift towards a one-stopper. Rain is also a distinct possibility in Styria at this time of year, as we saw during free practice last season, so the teams will basically have to be prepared for everything. This year, the drivers head to the Red Bull Ring with real data about the track for the first time, which will help them find the most efficient way to use the tyres. Obviously our aim is always to have between two and three stops at every race, so this is something that we will monitor carefully in future when it comes to nominations: we do have the possibility to make some minor changes if required. We’re only expecting a small time gap between the two compounds in Austria, so this opens up a number of different possibilities as to how to run the race strategy.”

The biggest challenges for the tyres:

The surface at the Red Bull Ring is low grip and low abrasion, with the track getting progressively quicker as the weekend goes on. Even though the asphalt is new, the track is quite bumpy in places, which makes it difficult to find consistent grip.

Gaining traction out of the corners is a particularly important aspect of the Red Bull Ring, as there are a number of slow corners leading onto faster straights. A neat approach to finding the apex, in order to get onto the power afterwards as quickly as possible without spinning the wheels, is vital to maximise tyre life.

The supersoft tyre is a low working range compound, capable of achieving optimal performance even at low temperatures. The soft tyre is a high working range compound, suitable for higher temperatures and more strenuous track conditions. Both warm and cool conditions are possible in Austria.

The Spielberg circuit runs in a clockwise direction, but there are two very significant corners (turns 5 and 6) that place considerable stress on the tyres on the right-hand side of the car.

Last year’s strategy and how the race was won: Most drivers did a two-stopper last year, although three managed a one-stop. Race winner Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) started on the supersoft, changed to the soft on lap 11, then to the soft again on lap 40. His strategy allowed him to win even though he started from third on the grid.

Expected performance gap between the two compounds: 0.7 – 0.9 seconds per lap.

The Pirelli team choose their race numbers: #9, Luigi de Candia (Information Technology)

“I don’t think I have much in common with Marcus Ericsson, but I would still choose number 9. It’s the number I played football with when I was younger, and I’ve always liked it ever since.”

Who we’re following on Twitter this week: @ayrtonsenna. The three-time champion has been gone for more than 20 years – but he still has an official Twitter account. As well as news about the Ayrton Senna foundation, this is a remarkable online resource for Senna videos and photographs: many of which are extremely rare.

The tyre choices so far this year:

P Zero Red P Zero Yellow P Zero White P Zero Orange
Australia Soft Medium
Malaysia Medium Hard
China Soft Medium
Bahrain Soft Medium
Spain Medium Hard
Monaco Supersoft Soft
Canada Supersoft Soft
Austria Supersoft Soft
We are proud to announce that Lassa Tyres has exclusively become the “Official Global Tyre Partner” of FC Barcelona, which is among the world’s most decorated sports clubs.
In accordance to this agreement, Lassa has also been named as the “Main Partner” for FC Barcelona’s Indoor Sports. This includes, the Basketball, Handball, Futsal, and Roller Hockey teams.  All of whom will further be designated as “FC Barcelona Lassa” for the next 4 years.
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F1-Simulator-Pack-5Tyre Spot Autocentres are holding an event to celebrate the opening of their new retail branch in Durham.

The event will include:
• Drive a Formula One car in the Pirelli Tyres F1 simulator
• Test you footballing skills with the Contenental speed goal
lassa• £100’s of special offers
• Give a ways
• The Lassa Drift Team

DATE: 15th, 16th & 17th May 2015
LOCATION: Tyre Spot Autocentre, Alma Place, Gilesgate, Durham. DH1 2HN
Sir Bobby (1)TIMES: 9.00 – 18.00 Friday & Saturday. 10.00 – 15.00 Sunday.
COST: Entry is free. We will be collecting donations during the event on behalf of ‘The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation’.


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rsz_visore-promoPirelli are delighted to announce that they are extending the Porsche Club GB cashback offer into the 2nd quarter of 2015.

The Cashback Offer:

  • £50 for 2 or more Pirelli tyres, rim size 17” or above
  • £20 for 2 or more Pirelli tyres, rim size 15 or 16”
  • £10 for 2 or more Pirelli tyres, rim size 14” or below

*maximum 8 tyres per member per year

The offer is avaliable to all Porsche Club GB members who buy Pirelli tyres through either a Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC) or an approved Porsche Centre.

Tyre Spot have PPC centres at the following locations:

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X-2015041515311253831[1]ACE Lenkrad

Kumho’s all-new high-performance tyre for medium to large-sized cars, the ECSTA HS51, earned itself a top five placing and was awarded a ‘Recommended’ rating in a recent test by ACE Lenkrad magazine.

The HS51 won the plaudits of the publication for its ‘strong wet road performance’, having scored the highest marks of all 12 tyres when it came to the event’s aquaplaning and wet braking challenges. Ultimately, the Kumho HS51 was only beaten overall by products from Goodyear, Continental, Dunlop and Pirelli.

ACE Lenkrad is the monthly publication of Germany’s highly influential Auto Club Europa – the magazine has a circulation of 560,000 copies per issue and a readership of 1.3 million people. The test was conducted on a Peugeot 308 for ACE by GTÜ – Germany’s largest private institute of technical inspection – and comprised six wet condition categories and three dry ones, plus those concerning external noise and rolling resistance.

Tekniikan Maailma

This long-established Finnish publication put 15 makes of tyre in 205/55 R16 size to the test on a Volkswagen Golf. The Kumho HS51 outperformed all the competition in the aquaplaning discipline and was third overall in the wet braking challenge. Together with several rival products it also scored the highest grade for comfort and, further proving its all-round ability, achieved a top six result in 67 per cent of the nine disciplines.

A monthly magazine with a circulation in excess of 150,000, Tekniikan Maailma is Scandinavia’s largest technology publication, 50 percent of which is devoted to motoring matters.

The ECSTA HS51 features a solid rib-type design for improved wet road braking, four prominent circumferential grooves for optimum water displacement, and wide lateral ones for enhanced wet weather steering. HS51 is the replacement for the much vaunted Kumho ECSTA KH31 and is available for 15 to 18 inch rims, in widths from 185 to 245mm, and V and W speed ratings.

For further information on Kumho and its products for road, track and rally stage see